This thing is fun. They sell for $399 and you are getting a bargain. It zips along at 20mph and provides 25 miles of range. The scooter is foldable for compact storage and allows you to bring it along in tthe trunk of your car.

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You get a quality scooter for a good price with this one. The controls are intuative and simple. You press the power button and hit the throttle lever while giving the scooter a push and you are off. The scooter has 3 gears 1st goes up to 10mph. 2nd goes up to 15 and 3rd goes up to 20. The 48v battery provies enough juice for 25 miles of riding.

The scooter comes with a cool LED deck light that lets people see you coming. The headlight and taillight controls are on the left side of the bars. When you apply the brakes the deck light flashes whether the lights are on or not. the scooter has solid tires and a hidden rear shock absorber to smooth out the ride. Click here to purchase

By hugmoto