Custom Scooter/Bobber – Ruckus Clone 50cc

OK. This was a fun, FAST and easy project. It’s ugly as sin but it’s fun. It’s a little loud. The air horns are LOUD AF! I had someone want to run a stop sign and I blasted him and got his attention. I started with a new Amigo Magari 50cc scooter and ripped it down to the bare bones. I removed the stock gas tank, some of the frame that held the gas tank and then I cut and shortened the steering tube to lower the handlebars. next came the big bore kit and performance upgrades then I welded up a new seat mounting arrangement and welded on the original rear rack and used that to hold my mini keg gas tank.

I then put all the goodies listed below on my new, nekked scoot. I love it. I might have to put a new engine on it as I had a boo boo. The valve rocker arm adjuster nut and tappet fell off and is somewhere in the crankcase. I assume it somehow magically made it down the timing chain area. I hope it stays in a safe place. I do have a magnetic drain plug so perhaps it might save me. We shall see.

Big Bore Kit –

49-17 Final Drive Gears –

Racing Clutch –

Oil Decompression Tube –

Magnetic Drain Plugs –

Solo Bobber Seat –

Mini Keg Gas Tank –

Footpegs –

Headlight –

Turning Indicators –

LOUDASS Air Horn –

Coke Bottle Handlebar Grips –