Flux Core Welding Tutorial
Flux Core Welding Tutorial

Ok I shall share my knowledge on Flux Core Welding. I’m not a perfect welder but I damn sure can make sparks fly and join 2 pieces of metal so they’ll hold together., so there’s that.

Flux Core welders are often the first welder many get their hands on. They are cheap and fairly easy to use. You can get one for under $100. It’s easy to make sparks and melt metal. It’s harder to make something that looks good and is structurally sound. Especially with thinner metals. Most noobs will burn a lot of holes using a Flux Core welder. We all do so don’t fret. Flux core welders run hot and are not as precise as say a MIG or a TIG. You can tame the beast somewhat so there’s hope.

I hope I can help with the tricks you’ll need to master in order to have some good welding skills and get beyond the screwing shit up stage. Using the correct settings along with using .030 wire will certainly help. Having the correct stick out will help too. You want about 3/4″ out on flux core machines.

Here’s a list of suggested videos that will help you become a Flux Core Master:

Here’s a list of suggested flux core welding supplies and safety equipment:

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