Vintage Motorized Scooter Replica / Tribute Build

This one’s going to be fun. I’m going to make a cool, vintage-inspired scooter using a Schwinn Shuffle scooter and a Fat tire, 48v 100w eBike motor. I love the old scooters of the 30’s & 40s. I want to build one that has vintage looks and has a box / storage area for groceries and whatnot.

Below are some of the vintage scooters that have inspired me

I’ll adjust as I scheme and build and land on a final design as I get the frame stretched out

First up comes the frame stretch, mounting the forks & motor, then comes the batteries & seat. Next up, I’ll figure out the sheet metal and overall cosmetic appearance to mimic an old school scooter.

I love the looks of the Salsbury
Vintage Motorized Scooter Replica / Tribute Build Part 1
and I love this one. HMMMMMM1

Stay tuned !

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